Some Call It Destiny: Chapter 12 

First, I just want to apologize for not updating. I’m extremely busy with school and truthfully I never knew people were even reading this fan fiction, haha. So yeah, sorry for the long wait and I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint :)

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At this point, there’s nothing else to do other than pack my bags and go find a motel. I barely have any money but maybe somebody will feel bad for me and take me in. I need to leave and stop annoying these three boys with my stupidity. Goodbye Emblem3.

Between asking random strangers for directions and just testing my luck by walking around aimlessly and praying I don’t end up in some suspicious back alley or strip club or anything, I made it to a cheap motel. It suits my monetary status, yes, but when I say cheap - I mean, cheap. I hate this place, but I knew I had no choice. The boys never threw me out, so technically I could have stayed with them (and slept in a bed where the springs didn’t actually stab my back), but I knew I was annoying them. Well, I assumed I was annoying them. I was clearly causing a nuisance and I know myself that I was trapped in a void of confusion, so I took it upon myself to leave. I should probably call the boys just to let them know I didn’t die or anything. Wait, no, I might have done them a favor by disappearing. I don’t know, this is all so frustrating. Great, the lock on the front door doesn’t work. This better not turn into a horror movie remake. I need more money, fast.

- Wesley’s POV -

No answer. I’ve called Gabriella at least twenty-five times by now. I don’t know whether she’s purposely not answering or she’s in trouble, all I know is if I wasn’t an emotional wreck at the recording studio, I’ve definitely become one now that Gabriella’s gone. We checked every room to look for her. She’s no where. We asked neighbors if they’d seen her, we’ve driven up and down the street… She’s no where. I may not know where Gabriella is but I know one things for sure. I definitely have feelings for Gabriella. When I was a child and girls turned down my offer to share coloring pencils or whatever childish attempt I made at flirting, I cried a little. When I was about… 13, and girls laughed in my face when I told them I liked them, yeah, I felt really bad. For an hour or two. But Gabriella’s been gone for hours now and my heart feels like it’s being slowly tortured. It’s drowning in my chest and being beaten at the same time. I guess this is heartbreak. And heartbreak only happens when you’re in love. The point is, I don’t know where she is and I’ve never felt more lost in my life.

- Gabriella’s POV -

The minute I woke up this morning I left the eerie motel. I’m only staying there for somewhere to sleep at night because other than that, I do not trust that shabby, run down hell hall. At this point I’ve turned my phone off. Wesley hasn’t stopped calling me and I can’t bare to speak to him. He’s obviously only calling me out of guilt or to bribe me in some way or another to make sure that I don’t ruin his image by going public. Okay, Wesley hasn’t done anything. None of the boys have. I just got my hopes up too high once again, it’s typical of me. I hate to admit it, but I’m most likely just ignoring Wesley out of guilt. Maybe I shouldn’t have left. Maybe I should have waited a while. Ugh, I can do a lot with my brain. It doesn’t matter. I’ve done nothing but destroy their lives ever since I got involved so I stand by my decision. Even more than that, maybe I should go back home and pursue the career my parents wanted me to do ever since I took my first breath. I’m not sure if they’d even take me back because they’re so disappointed in me for lying to them. I don’t know. My life’s a mess. I’ve been strolling through the park for an hour now and the trees aren’t giving me the refuge I need. At this point, I’m beyond therapy. I don’t know whether I need a hug, a chocolate, or a good run into a solid brick wall. All I know is I don’t know anything and I’ve messed up everything.

- Wesley’s POV -

"Wes, if she wasn’t here yesterday, what makes you think she’ll be here today?" Drew asked impatiently. "Dude, you don’t know, okay? She could be anywhere." I argued as I stuck my head out the car window. "I’m really sorry, Wes. She’s gone because of me." Keaton murmured quietly. "Keaton, I already told you that I’m not mad at you for what you did, okay? And I doubt she’d leave because of that. She’s pissed at me. And I’m pissed at me too." I said, wanting to punch myself in the face (literally). "What if she’s gone back to her family, Wes? Are you gonna keep driving up and down the road when she’s not even in this city?" Drew continued. "I really don’t need this crap right now, Drew. You’re right, okay? But there’s no point in not trying at all. Just give it a few more minutes and then we can turn back and you never have to hear the damn name Gabriella ever again, okay?" I snapped to shut him up. Even saying her name sent chills down my spine and made my heart beat faster. I like her. I really really like her. And she’s more than likely gone. That possibility kills me every time I consider it. "Wes, WES." Keaton shouts as he nudges me furiously. "You’re gonna dislocate my shoulder, dude." "Wes, look!" Keaton
exclaimed pointing to the view from his window. Gabriella. “It’s her.” I couldn’t speak. Drew pulled over. “Come on! Go!” Keaton encouraged. I physically couldn’t move. “I have listened to you whinge and whine for a day and a half, now if you don’t get out of this damn car and talk to her, I’m going to lay you down on the ground and actually run you over.” Drew remarked which made Keaton laugh. “Bro, I’m serious.” He added. Keaton’s laugh suddenly filled with worried undertones. “Dude, come ON.” Drew yelled. He got out of the car, opened my door and pulled me out of the car. Keaton retreated from the opposite side. “Wes, she’s walking out of the park, if you don’t catch up to her now you may never find her again.” Keaton said. “Alright… Alright I can do this.” I said, forcing myself to believe my lies. Underneath the muscular physique which gives off the impression of manliness, I never realized what a cowardly little girl I was. Drew pushed me, forcing me to run across the road. I mean, I didn’t have a choice because after being pushed into the middle of the road I didn’t really favor the idea of being ran over.

- Gabriella’s POV -

I took to the exiting footpath when I heard the echo of a familiar voice. I vaguely heard it calling my name. As the voice came closer it became a lot more sharp and vivid. Someone was calling my name. Wesley. I froze. I couldn’t turn around to face him. I couldn’t move or speak or barely even breathe. I just stood there. “Gabriella” a puffed out Wes said as he finally caught up to me. “Okay… So you’re not talking to me. I wouldn’t be talking to me either. But you can’t just leave like that and not give us warning or anything. Do you know what you did to us? We were worried sick!” We. There was no personal emotion towards me at all. I could easily just forgive him at this point but I still couldn’t move. I have so many built up emotions at this point, I’m basically malfunctioning. “Gabriella, please answer me.” Wes tried. I tried to speak, but I moved my head slightly to the left and tears decided to fall from my eyes instead. I bit my bottom lip in order to keep it together. I stood there motionless, clenching every inch of my body to make sure the tears wouldn’t explode. “I can’t. I can’t deal with you crying. I can’t deal with you at all. I can’t hug you because you won’t even speak to me. I can’t have a conversation with you because again, you won’t speak to me. I don’t even know if you’re listening to me because again, you won’t freaking speak to me. Okay, I get why you’re pissed, heck, I’m pissed at myself. But you’re not really helping the situation either. Just help me out. Just let me know if you’re hearing me. Let me know if I’m worth anything to you at all.” Wes yelled furiously. “If you’re worth… Anything to me at all? Really, Wesley?” I slowly mumbled out of tears. I finally turned around. “Is that even a damn question?” I said as I began to break. I can’t do this. I motioned to walk away. He grabbed me. “Stop with the mind games, just tell me. I can’t deal with this anymore! This is sick. This is a joke. Far out, I can’t do this!” He yelled, finally letting me go and throwing his arms in the air. I turned around to look at an enraged and broken Wesley. “Gabriella, you’re killing me. You’re murdering me from the inside and I can’t take it. I can’t take you being near me because I just have all these freaking feelings but I also can’t take you being away from me - god, I really can’t. The pain I’ve felt I just… I really don’t know what to do. You know what, fuck it” he shouted as he kicked the ground. “Gabriella, you’ve absolutely screwed up my life. Not because you’re a bad person, not because I dislike you, not because of anything you’ve done at all. Instead, it’s because I’m hopelessly and pathetically head over heels in love with you and it’s absolutely killing me. You - are absolutely killing me. It killed me to be near you without just grabbing you and telling you how I felt. It killed me to not know where the hell you were. It killed me to see you cry because I can’t bear to see you so fragile. And damn it, it kills me to even look at you right now. You’re killing me. You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re cute, you are absolutely and completely perfect in every single way - and you’re a freaking torturer. I seriously can’t take this.” Wes yelled, his voice breaking a couple of times. I had to fully absorb what was said to me. Half of me wanted to smile and other half just wanted to scream at him. I’m so conflicted. “You’re still not answering me?” Wes called desperately. “No, no. I mean yes, yes I’m answering you but it’s just… I don’t know. I’m so confused.” I began. “Just tell me. Tell me why you left.” Wes begged. “I left because… I left because I’m confused. I left because I saw how angry you got over the whole song ordeal and I just know I’m causing you a whole lot of shit that you don’t need. I also left because… I just can’t stand to look at you. The possibility of you not… Liking me the same way that I was falling for you… It tore me apart.” I caved. “Gabriella, I do like you. I like you a lot. I’ve fallen for you and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you. Gabriella, I love you.” Wes said with utmost sincerity. “Wes, I am so… So sorry.” I said, walking closer to him. “Don’t be sorry.” He said as he motioned closer to me. “I should never have left…” I continued. “To be honest, if you never left, I probably never would have realized how much I need you. Nor would I have worked up the guts to actually confess my feelings for you. Everything happens for a reason.” Wes smiled. “So you really do have feelings for me?” I asked to make sure. He laughed. “Trust me, I’m foolishly in love. It’s actually embarrassing.” He blushed. He embraced me into a hug. The warmest hug I think I’ve ever witnessed. I rested my head in his chest. His heart was racing. He wasn’t lying. “I’ve never been more happy in my entire life” I mumbled. “Well, you give me happiness” Wes added, stroking my back. The chemistry was reciprocal and we were both aware of our feelings for each other. The electricity plummeted through our bodies. A perfect moment.


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Wes explaining that there is no shitting on the bus or you will be decapitated.

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woah, you got no chill man, what are you doing?


woah, you got no chill man, what are you doing?

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